Sliding Glass Door Easy Installation: More Mounting Options, Less Clutter

Sliding Glass Door Easy Installation: More Mounting Options, Less Clutter

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The SUP sliding barn door hardware system in single and bi-parting configurations features a simple, modern design with truly concealed fasteners to maintain a clean track look.

Now, we are proud to offer a third configuration option—bypassing.

While most bypassing hardware require obtrusive metal braces to support the system, SUP’s custom-extruded track features enough lateral rigidity to support bypassing configurations with the same hidden fasteners that give SUP its unique appearance. This means more attention where it should be, on your doors.

The bypass configuration can be installed in two ways. Install with a center mount to use door panels weighing up to 100kgs each for greater design freedom. While this method allows for heavier doors, the door panels will overlap by 10” to accommodate the center mounting point. This is the perfect solution for wider door openings where bigger, heavier panels are needed.

Install without the center mount for door panels weighing up to 75kgs for minimized door panel overlap. This more flexible method is the perfect solution for narrower door openings where every inch counts.

And all these options maintain the infinite adjustability of SUP’s door stops. With just a twist of an Allen key—a unique feature to SUP sliding glass door hardware kit —change your door travel in seconds.

Elegant, uncluttered bypassing doors—just one more way SUP glass hardware leads an industry.


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