SUP sliding shower door glass hardware kit: Multiple Solution Available

SUP sliding shower door glass hardware kit: Multiple Solution Available

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The SUP frameless glass shower sliding system is the most sophisticated on the market today, offering unparalleled adjustability at each mounting point, both during and after installation. Built to last, SUP supports glass panels up to 100kg. and 1/2” thick. The shower door hardware system comes complete with all mounting components.

Single and Bypass versions
Shower enclosures vary greatly depending on how the space is used and where plumbing fixtures are located. Both Single and Bypass versions are available in Alcove and Corner configurations for exceptional layout flexibility.

SUP sliding glass door roller set brings unparalleled aesthetic value to any project. Both sides of the system are highly refined esthetically. This allows the door to operate in either direction on both sides of the fixed panel. Whatever your bathroom project requires, SUP glass hardware delivers solutions without compromise.

Unmatched design freedom
The SUP sliding door shower system offers tremendous design flexibility to fit most shower plans. SUP sliding glass door roller set is compatible with shower enclosures up to 142 in wide and clear openings up to 40 in wide. Choose glass up to 1/2” thick for a solid, premium feel, or elect the more traditional 3/8″ thickness. Compatible with both tile and shower pans, SUP sliding glass door roller set is available for alcove and corner configurations.

Complete field adjustability
SUP glass hardware’s design is a suite of adjustment features that ensures perfect installs in less time. SUP’s track is designed to be easily cut and drilled in the field with commonly available tools. It gives a full 1/4” of adjustment at each track mounting point, including where it attaches to the walls. Finally, the door panel adjustment feature allows the system to be raised or lowered at each bearing by 1/8”. This gives installers the ability to tilt the panel to accommodate shower walls that are up to 3/8” out-of-plumb. Installers will love being able to quickly fine tune the system during and after installation with the unparalleled site adjustability. The SUP glass shower system—out-of-plumb and out-of-level adjustability for perfect installs on tight timelines.

Modern, minimal aesthetic
The SUP sliding door shower glass hardware features our most strikingly simple design to date. Our patented hardware system, featuring an all stainless steel bearing as a wheel, has been adapted for the shower environment. The door rolls on a track that appears to float mid- air thanks to truly concealed fasteners.

Built to last
The SUP sliding shower door glass hardware kit has been designed with high-use hospitality projects in mind. Its industry-leading more than 5 years service life is backed by rigorous testing in wet environments, capstoned by over two million open-and-close cycles for wear testing. The SUP glass hardware has minimal protruding components for easy maintenance, and is constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum—premium metals commonly used in maritime applications.


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